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01295 367 207

Luxury Toilet Hire

Bring the inside out with our stylish luxury toilet units. Now you can have your dream outdoor wedding without sacrificing the typical comforts of a hotel venue. Here's what you can expect from our toilet units.


  • Stylish oak interior

  • Modern sinks and mirrors

  • Marble effect walls

  • Top quality soap​

  • Toilet roll and hand towels included in the price

  • Hand wash water and waste are all contained inside the unit

  • 4 exterior doors, allowing for easier positioning

  • 13 or 16amp plug socket

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We offer 2 different sized toilet units as well as a service options.

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If you have special delivery or collection needs, we'll do our best to cater for them.


Our units are beautifully deigned and feel just as luxurious as any hotel wash room. Perfect for that special day


All our toilet units are covered by liability insurance and we'll always have someone on call just in case something goes wrong.


We'll make sure you have the right toilets for your event. Delivery and collections  are quick and efficient, leaving you hassle free.

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