All business is conducted in accordance with the terms & conditions of MB Luxury Loo’s Limited, unless otherwise stated in writing by the owner(s)


  • The customer means the person, persons or their representatives hiring the toilet(s) from the owner.

  • The toilet means the entire toilet unit including all interior fixtures and fittings

  • The owner is MB Luxury Loo’s Limited


The Site


  • The hire costs are based on the understanding from the client that the ground is safe (flat & firm) & accessible for both the toilet unit and the vehicle towing it.

  • The customer warrants that any property of the Owner will have suitable access provided which will be clear of any overhead obstructions: trees, hedges, electrical cables etc. and without buried services that may suffer damage on delivery, setup, usage & removal from site.

  • The Owner reserves the right to additionally charge for any damage caused to any vehicle and/or toilet unit due to access or site conditions.

  • The Owner reserves the right to charge for delays and additional labour time required due to works, delivery, collection etc. and time spent due to unsuitable site conditions and/or soft ground due to severe weather conditions.

  • The customer acknowledges that the owner shall not be responsible for making good or repairing any damage howsoever caused.

  • The customer shall be responsible for providing and installing any necessary connections to mains services. The owner responsible connection to provided power and water units

  • The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the toilet units are available for collection at the time and dates agreed and that the equipment is in the same condition as it was on delivery (fair wear and cleaning expected).

  • The owner reserves the right for additional hire charges up to the full amount if collection of the toilet unit is delayed beyond the specified date.


  • The customer is responsible for all 3rd party claims, actions or costs for personal injury and loss or damage to property arising from use of the toilet units.

  • The customer shall be responsible for any damage sustained to the equipment including theft during the agreed hire period.

  • The Owner accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of any malfunction of the Toilet if the number of people using the equipment exceeds that stated in the quotation.

  • The toilet unit remains the property of the owner throughout the entire rental period.

  • The customer will allow the owner reasonable access to the toilet unit throughout the hire period.




  • The customer will not sublet or rehire the Toilet.

  • The customer will not move the toilet from the original position it was delivered too.


Hire Charges & Payment
  • The hire, delivery and collection charges for the Toilet are specified in the quotation.

  • The period of hire and maximum numbers utilising the Toilet is as stated in the quotation.

  • Bookings are only accepted and confirmed on receipt of 25% deposit.

  • The deposit will be forfeit by the customer if the booking is cancelled.

  • Final delivery of the unit is subject to full payment of all hire costs 14 days before delivery.


Acceptance of the toilet on site by the customer shall in itself constitute acceptance in full of the above conditions